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The Envoy Group combines world-class expertise in strategy, design and technology to create a more connected future for our partners.

A design & innovation

We build brands, create experiences, launch products and help leaders navigate change across the whole human experience.

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Our Consultancies

  1. Bulldog Drummond

    A strategic & design consultancy focusing on brands and the people who lead them. San Diego, California

  2. Leviathan

    An experience consultancy focusing on the intersection of physical and digital. Chicago, Illinois

  3. Envoy

    A full-service design and innovation consultancy focusing on brands, commerce, and product design. Irvine, California


Specialized expertise.
Integrated offering.
Modern approach.

The Envoy Group is a curated collection of creative consultancies that takes an end-to-end approach. Individually, each consultancy represents a deep domain experience in a specialized discipline — while united as a group, the holistic impact that we have on our clients’ businesses and across their customers’ lives is exponentially greater.

Featured Work

Influencing the influencers for Nike Sneakerboots launch. Brand / Digital Platforms

We think like business consultancies and create like creative agencies.

Whole Human Experience.

An end-to-end offering that responds directly to the modern consumer.


Today’s brands must be centered around the consumer. We help companies build meaningful relationships by identifying and articulating their mission in inspiring, compelling and sometimes, provocative ways. We set-up companies for growth through smart design structures and flexible brand frameworks.

  1. Brand Positioning & Messaging
  2. Brand Identity & Visual Design Systems
  3. Product Innovation & Packaging Design
  4. Advertising & Communications

Good design is good business. We help companies design and build human-centered products that consumers love and have the ability to create a true exchange of value. Our collaborative approach enables organizations to adopt a culture of innovation and promotes planning for the future, today.

  1. Product Strategy & Roadmap
  2. User Experience & Visual Design
  3. IoT & Connected Devices
  4. iOS and Android Applications

Technology is rooted in everything we do. We help companies build digital platforms and technology that are the core of their businesses. We’re focused on helping our partners leverage technology to fuel growth, enable next-generation services, uncover new business models and whatever comes next.

  1. UX & UI Design
  2. System Architecture, Frontend & Backend Development
  3. Multiplatform Apps (Web, Mobile, TV)
  4. Content Management Systems & Localization

Transformative shifts in technology and consumer expectations have fundamentally altered how and where we buy. We help companies create scalable online and retail commerce solutions that drive revenue, build operational efficiencies and stay ahead in a new economy that is continuously evolving.

  1. Ecommerce Flagships
  2. Platform Evaluation & Selection
  3. Technology Implementation & Integrations
  4. Omnichannel Strategy & Implementation
Connected Spaces.

Physical, meet digital. We help companies bring together design, technology, architecture and space design to create immersive experiences that move people in the physical world. We create powerful moments that connect people in workspaces, retail, themed experiences and other physical spaces.

  1. Corporate Experience
  2. Retail Experience
  3. Experience & Sales Centers
  4. Themed Attractions
People &
Culture Activation.

Moments of truth with brands are often human moments between customers and employees. We help organizations create a defined path to sustainable culture change by activating brands within their people in order to deliver on their promise to customers and create an inspiring employee experience.

  1. Purpose & Values Development
  2. Employer Branding & Experience
  3. Stakeholder & Team Workshops
  4. Leadership Development
Data &

When we understand customers at a deeper level, we can better focus our solutions for greater impact. We help companies unlock the power of their data and leverage that knowledge and insight to improve decision-making processes, create more personalized customer experiences and produce more predictable outcomes.

  1. Data Strategy & Collection
  2. Research & Insights
  3. Analytics & Measurement
  4. Data Sciences

We help turn concepts into companies. Our integrated capabilites, deep business-building expertise and collaborative approach allow us to take a unique operational position in our investments. We invest at every stage and typically take equity positions where we can provide tangible value to proven founding teams that are disrupting industries with new ideas.

Portfolio Investments

  • Blossom – Smart Irrigation System (Acquired)
  • Spiritu – Coming Soon


100 plus strategists, designers, technologists and makers united by a common purpose.

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